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These are utilities for use with the scopes programming language.

These features are intended to bypass restrictions of core. Some if them would be useful to be included in scopes core.


This library consists of these libraries:

  • import utils
  • import utils.va
  • import utils.functional
  • import utils.casing
  • import utils.math
  • import utils.files
  • import utils.padding


Just some random utilities for different use cases.


A bunch of powerful operations to deal with variadics.


A few functional programming helpers, which are most useful for compile time things.


Just functions to test and convert the casing of characters and strings.


A few simple, but useful mathematical functions.


A wrapper around C files form stdio using constructors and destructors.


Utilities to ensure correct Padding by creating padded types. Most useful for data on the GPU.


E-Mail: Krapohl.f@gmx.de

Freenode IRC: porky11

matrix: p11:matrix.org

Discord: porky11#6951

Tox: F3AA4C3ECBF041E468230545D38FD27C8E82B81360C424EC342D225F700C1B2FE918A41D1BF8