pijul command line aliases, tested with bash.

My pijul helper scripts:

  • push, pull - push/pull this repo, until I can configure a default remote
  • bashrc - command line aliases & usage notes, tested with bash

These help me be productive with pijul, by reducing typing and aligning with familiar commands from other VCS. If you'd like to try them:

$ pijul clone https://nest.pijul.com/simonmichael/pijul-scripts
$ . pijul-scripts/bashrc

$ pjhh
* pijul command line aliases
pjh - show help for these aliases
pjhh - show more verbose help with equivalent commands
pj [CMD] - run a pijul command or show pijul's help

** Setup/uninstall helpers
pjkeygen - generate a change-signing key for current user
  pijul key generate `whoami`
pjconfrm - erase current user's pijul config and keys

** List recorded changes in current repo
pjl - standard list
  pijul log (like git log, darcs log)
pjlv - list with full descriptions. (?)
  pijul log --description
pjls - list with summary of file changes
  (like git log --stat, darcs log -s)
pjhashes [N] - list the change hashes, or just the last N hashes

** Inspect a recorded change
pjshow [HASH] - show the last or specified change in full
  pijul change (like git show [HASH], darcs log -v -h HASH)
pjshowstat [HASH] - summarise the last or specified change
  (like git show --stat [HASH], darcs log -s -h HASH)

** Show unrecorded changes
pjs - summarise unrecorded changes (except added files), -u for untracked files
  pijul diff -s (like git status -s, darcs whatsnew -s)
pjd - show unrecorded changes in full (except added files)
  pijul diff (like git diff, darcs whatsnew)

** Record changes
pjrec 'MSG' [PATHS] - record all unrecorded changes, with the given message
  pijul record -am 'MSG' (like git commit -am 'MSG', darcs record -am 'MSG')
pjamend [HASH] [PATHS] - add all unrecorded changes to last or specified patch
  pijul record -a --amend [HASH] (like git commit --amend -a, darcs amend -a)